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Mhamad Al-Humaikani shared this idea 4 years ago

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Relationship App

a startup idea shared by Mhamad Al-Humaikani on 08/07/2016

I actually thought of an app which might make people interact with their smartphones on aspects of their relationship. The app is meant to be one that has a platform of a plant or a small garden which reflects the state of a relationship between lovers. For example, there will be button that says "morning kiss" and if you kissed your lover then you get to your app and press on that, the app waters the plant and it reflects a good state for the plant which reflects your relationship. The app would have more than that and the key is to be able to incorporate the statistics taken by the actions of the person to be reflected on the plant. The app will also need relationship counseling advises which would suggest to lovers what things to do to make the relationship reflect a beautiful state. The idea would be criticized by those who think that this would make the relationship dwindle and make the lovers more focused on their phones than with their lovers, but this issue could be overcome easily and intelligently, by suggesting high points to those who stay away from their phones and spend time with their lovers for some time, and they get rewarded by that.


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social psychology



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