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Binyamin Bair-Moshe shared this idea 2 years ago

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Public Advertising Network

a startup idea shared by Binyamin Bair-Moshe on 11/12/2018

There is a current problem that you need someone with a lot of followers if you want to advertise through social networks.<br>This can be very expensive for Indie developers to properly market and advertise their product.<br><br>The solution:<br><br>Connect through your own personal contacts to a greater network of indie developers to get a leg up.<br><br>Any of your contacts can pass advertisements through you if they approve of the add. If you approve of the add request you can approve it to be passed to the rest of your contacts on the network and get points for every post you make on social media and for every post anyone else makes because of your connection.<br><br>Use these points to advertise your own content in the future.<br><br>Your can be a link to help your friends and family members spread the word about a new album release, an indie film release, a kickstart campaign, new app launch... etc.<br><br>Link directly from the app, add a song to a spotify list or post a link to facebook and earn points so that others will do the same for you in the future.


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