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Private digital library

a startup idea shared by Rahav Yairi on 07/06/2016

Can you imagine a public library with thousands of books but with no librarians or catalogs? Since ancient times libraries followed the same methodology: fix item location and catalogs for recording item's location. The role of the librarians was to enforce the methodology and to make sure books and catalogs are consistent and up-to-date. Moving to nowadays - In terms of size and complexity the digital library of many home users resembles a public library. However, the way these users manage their library is the way they manage books in their home library – no fix locations and no catalogs. The result - many files get lost or are hard to find. And, as time goes by this problem is only getting worse. So what is the solution? Simple - use the same old methodology: fixed locations and cataloging for digital files. Human librarians will be replaced by a software that will performs all library maintenance tasks. Some indexing and backup solutions already exist but none of them is: complete, proactive, automatic and simple enough to be suitable to the average home user Surprisingly implementing such solution is not that hard!




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