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Pocketbook - say goodbye to paper receipts!

a startup idea shared by H kn on 11/15/2013


Some people keep them in their wallets
Some people keep them in shoeboxes
Most people are frustrated with keeping them organized.
It gets worse when you are looking for this one particular receipt as you go through piles of paper receipts.

These paper receipts are messy, they are a hassle to deal with and they make it difficult to keep track of your expenses.

Well Pocketbook solves your problems. From now on, you can opt to have the store send your receipt to your Pocketbook app, which keeps all your electronic receipts organized. You can search by date, by store, by amount or any other information for easy retrieval whenever you need a particular receipt. It is easy and amazingly convenient.

Pocketbook also gives you a summary of your expenses which makes it so much easier to monitor your total spending, regardless of whether you pay in cash or which debit/credit card you use.

App is currently under development. If you are interested in contributing, we welcome you to join us!

android, app, electronic, expenses, iOS, iPhone, payment, receipt

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PAPERKUT - Making Paper Receipts, Paperless
Paperless Receipt Platform - Drew Broadley Founder (2010)
62 months ago
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