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Platform for creating news media sites

a startup idea shared by Valentin Apostolov on 03/30/2015

It is no secret that Wordpress has become an enterprise-ready platform for developing large-scale news media sites even though it has started its life as simple blogging software. Despite its popularity, WP is not convenient for journalists and editors who want to work together with their colleagues on certain articles, send them to a proof-reader (and/or translator) and publish them online with one click. I want to create a platform, that helps people create news media projects using WP and services like Google Docs and OneDrive, which have much better functionality for collaborating online. The platform will coordinate the workflow between the journalists, editors and proof-readers and will allow them to publish the content with just one click according to the rules, created in the platform. My experience in big online media shows that journalists and editors spend too much time transferring the content of their articles from text documents to the CMS of their companies, making many errors during that process. The platform can be also developed for another open-source project as Drupal, which has similar problems.


google docs



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Igor Taldenko Drupal developer Ukraine
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Subodh Kapoor Launch in my country Hyderabad India
Mir PublishingLlc Developer Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA
Floffah Web, Software, and Algorithm Developer Scotland, United Kingdom

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