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Place My Order from Mobile

a startup idea shared by SANDEEP on 05/12/2014

Problem: A) if you go to restaurant, and you catch the table , Waiter will come and provide you menu card. You will see menu card and decide which food want to order. after some time waiter come to take order. He takes order and and place your order. B) When food is ready he will served you. c) After all things are complete, Waiter provide you bill d) You will paid it.<br><br>Mobile App Solution As following options:<br><br>Solution : For A:- When you site on table . On table have QR code printed . Scan it from app. So according to QR code (Table and its facility) contains, you will see menu card on app. You can place order from app itself. and in background this order will place. For B:- waiter knows which table orders food(From place order request) so it provides it. For C: App will show you bill. it is either send by Counter or it is localy calculated by app itself. You can pain in app or provide cash on counter.<br>


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Haider Malik Web Developer Pakistan
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