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a startup idea shared by The Idea Smith on 05/03/2011

So everyone knows about online shopping by now, in particular purchasing clothes. The problem i find is how can you be sure that they will fit and match your bodies size and shape. Well Idea # 1 has a possible solution. What about a suit, with a similar look to a wetsuit with a usb connection that measures every surface of you body and creates a perfect online avatar that you could use to model your clothes on the screen. The suit could easily be brought over the internet and shipped to a consumers home, but might be to expensive to make. If the suits were to expensive to make then perhaps consumers could be measured at selected "measuring zones or sites" inside shopping centres and have an online avatar of themselves made on the spot. Of couse this is no small idea, the size labeling of clothing varies from country to country and any clothing company that wanted this sort of service would have to supply very specific measurements of all of the products and each individual size






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