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Personal Diary

a startup idea shared by Raul Ivan Garcia Valdivia on 10/06/2012

Personal Diary

Let's make the opposite of social networking, let create a diary app just for you, no share in Facebook, no tweeter integration, just for you. This will be a very minimalist/easy to use application with simple features, such like:

-Add a Day Entry with photos.
Free account - one entry per day & limited number of pictures
Membership - unlimited

-Add your Goals.
Free account - you can add all the goals you want but no pictures.
Membership - unlimited

-Add a Travel with Photos and Videos.
Free account - you can only add one or two travels a year & one picture per travel
Membership - unlimited

-Add important moments with photos and videos.
Free account - you can add all the important moments you want but, but only one picture and one video per moment.
Membership - unlimited

As an additional services:

-you can create/print a book of you diary anytime you want. (this book will be sent to an specific address).

-buy an insurance, and if you die, this book will be printed and sent to X address. (we will require to ad an additional person who can notify this).

Membership - 6 dlls per month.
Create a book of your Diary ? dlls.
Insurance ? dlls.

Diary, goals, travel

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