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Suuqa shared this idea 7 years ago

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P2P emergency Wallet

a startup idea shared by Suuqa on 12/06/2015

Hi,guys iam thinking about this project: When traveling abroad and you are in a foreign country one of the scariest things you can think of is losing your wallet with all your cash and credit cards and be left with no cash in a country where you dont know nobody. What if someone 'local helper' in that country could come to you where you are and give you the cash you need? How wil it work: 1.You go to a internet cafe and go to website or platform where you can find a 'Local Helper' who can give you cash in the city or area you are in. 2.You check the 'local helpers' profil and make contact with him or her and ask if they can meet you at the internet cafe and give you cash(Lets say 200 us dollars. 3.After agreeing with the 'helper' you send the 200 usd to us via paypal 4.We confirm with the helper that we have his 200 usd and that he can make the cash payment to you and voila you dont have to sleep on the street:) Do you know about any similar project?







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