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داود مجرد shared this idea 5 years ago

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Optimized matches

a startup idea shared by داود مجرد on 03/27/2015

When turn on the device, such as a stove with a matchstick , Approximately 20% of the matchstick burned and 80% of the matchstick will be thrown into the trash. This means that 80% of the wood used in the manufacture of matches will be thrown into the trash. Therefore 80% of wood of trees is wasted by people in the world. Our solution can be reduced Wood consumption About 50% ( in the industry matches) . Our plan is simple but intelligently , Imagine matchstick be on the two sides of incendiary material. What will happen then? The answer is simple: The matches used twice, First, on the one hand we use it, and then put into the box matches the next time you use it from the other side advantages: 1) matches consumption reduction of 50% 2) 50% reduction in cutting the wood of trees for the industry matches 3) Reducing waste matchstick the amount of 50% 4) Helping the environment 5) Matches can be sold at a higher price - Because the double use of Matches

Reduce wood consumption by 50 percent in the industry matches-Reducing waste-The profitability

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