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Online Citizen Engagement Platform - WikiRendum

a startup idea shared by WikiRendum on 07/10/2013

Have you ever wished you could participate in public policy and decision-making? Do you sometimes have great ideas on society problems, such as transport, health or justice, but don't know how to make it known or translate into political action? We think there should be an online platform for all citizens and politicians to share ideas, deliberate and vote. This would enhance the democratic system by: • facilitating regular and constructive dialog between citizen and their elected representatives, • generating a great pool of new ideas for politicians to place into action, • empowering citizens to actively participate in shaping the society they live in, • driving decision-makers to be accountable towards their community. More information about our idea: Let us know your thoughts and feedback! We're also looking for help to drive this project forward. If you share our goals and drive to change the world, please write us: test



civil rights





public policy

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WikiRendum Concept, Design Europe
Sanjay Kumar programmer pune india
Diego F. brainstorming Mexico City
Laura Ambardaryan I can do anything related to management Armenia
Vinh Le developer, data specialist VietNam
Nebi Çankaya Project Manager and Developer In My Country Turkey
Yehia Awad Software Developer Ukraine
Ahmad Sharawi Management and Development Jordan
ore ohimor Legal advice, Training and Launch in Nigeria Nigeria
Kishor Shrivastav Management , Investor And Stratgic Alliances Mumbai, India

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