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One Night, One Town, One Job - Travelers' Jobs

a startup idea shared by Jamie Triano on 08/11/2014

Travelers all over the world leave home with an ambition to see as many places as possible on their journey. Too often are they bogged down in one place for weeks or months working to generate enough cash to move on to another place. That's not traveling, that's temporary living. My idea is that a traveler will never have to stop, always on the move. I want to enable short term employment for as little as one day/night for unskilled jobs like waiting tables, bar work, laboring, keeping the traveler moving as much as possible. My vision is that you could pull up an app with a map that has live job listing pin in specific locations or at least places known for hiring travelers short term. This eliminates the need to walk into every bar and knock on every door trying to find work. This could potentially turn into an advice centre for all things traveling. Recommended sights, transport, hostels and traveler friendly areas to meet other like minded people. I only speak English and have no experience of mobile app development, so anyone that has something to offer and would like to get on board, I would be happy to hear from you.






short term


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