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On line shopping with a twist

a startup idea shared by Basher51 on 12/10/2012

There are lots 'non-branded' products which is special to region (like handicrafts, souvenirs etc).But often the producers of these products cant sell their produce to a larger audience because they are often technology illeterate,(which a branded product does with the help of access the internet ecommerce ,eg-ebay,amazon etc). Since we having the knowledge of internet ,cant we leverage and share our tech expertise with these local producers and use it to market their produce?
How to achieve this ??
Well, i propose that we ask these local producers to own a smartphone with an app say whatsapp. These producers then take a picture of their product and the give a brief description about the product (We train them how to do this using a set protocol) and send it to us.
We then input this info into our e-commerce website.Now when a consumer browses our site and wants to purchase a product then that info is relayed to the producer.The producer then parcels the product to consumer using a parcel serivce.A fixed percentage of the price of product can be charged as our fees.So folks feel free to contact me and tell me what u think about this idea.

e-commerce, e-shopping, social ideas, social-entrepreneruship

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same idea but innovative way
i have idea an idea about use in brode lebel
56 months ago
by Anonymous

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