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odds and ends: odd job finding service

a startup idea shared by Robert Handzus on 10/16/2015

Everyone has an odd job they would like done around the home, but don't want to perform on their own. Whether it is mowing the lawn, painting a wall, clearing a room, service on their vehicle or any number of other small tasks...and many people are willing to work these tasks for a price. I'd love to see a website, or app, that brings those wanting to pay and those willing to work together. Say a person Sam, wants his lawn mowed and is willing to pay $30 for the job. The website or app then lists the job as paying $30 minus a fee to the website, whatever that may be to function and be profitable. Johnny then sees the ad, commits to the job and upon completion gets paid $27(or whatever). The website or app is to be searchable by job tags or more importantly by zip code, keeping local people together and providing opportunities within he community. Make it happen. This is easily a million dollar idea for anyone with the skills to implement

job services work app

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