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No War! Yogurt - Politics in Product Ads

a startup idea shared by Paule Müller on 10/22/2012

The idea is to combine Product with a political message. As a fraction of the earnings a a company makes of a product goes into advertising anyway, it might just combine it with a message For example: On every ad for this yoghurt there will be a „End the war Now!“ sign. So by buying it, you support a political standpoint that you think makes society better. Its good for the company as it can sell more products and good for your conscience. An additional argument for companies might be that its something totally new and creative, standing out from the boring lies of normal advertising. So even if seen cynically, its might become a trend. The problem that some people do not like the message could be solved by have the same yoghurt a few cents cheaper without the message. Or even a version with a „Pro War!“ advertising, if the company can agree on that in terms of public image and mental health. The whole thing could be started as a company specialising in selling normal stuff politically. Or, maybe easier, as a marketing agency, that cooperates with sellers on the market by for example putting political stickers on their products and so financing political ads.






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