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New speed dating site concept

a startup idea shared by Alin Gebescu on 10/03/2013

Soulheat: represents the newest online speed dating concept,which will allow its users to chat in real time with other users thus limiting the waiting response - to almost zero. Being developed to help it’s members, some users might benefit from other’s users knowledge regarding speed dating approaching tips.Our scope: helping people using their free time as most efficient as possible while learning usefull dating tips from other more experienced users; Main functionalities: A)Speed dating feature: An user can open a speed dating session while being able to speak to maximum 3 other users from which he/she can keep in touch with anyone of those three. This feature will eliminate the idea of fake profiles, and will bring into the light only the users that are really interested into dating. B)The second main feature will open the opportunity to its users to earn some money: In this way some users will be able to activate a special skill by which they will become counselors, giving advice to other users looking for help. The advice will be related accordingly to the site’s nature: dating sites approaching methods/tips.This feature will bring added value for shy guys/ women boosting their confidence. Also besides promoting their profiles, while updating their profiles with real money,users will have the opportunity of sending/updating money to other users, this being also an unique ‘ice breaking’ method.

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Og Astorga Díaz Web developer Mexico City
Devin Hanaway marketing and financially north carolina
Igor Taldenko Drupal developer Ukraine
Tom Magaro Developer Phoenix, AZ
Robert Ongaba UX/UI designer/ Data Analytics/ Social Media Strat Cambridge, United States
Neelesh Gothania Product Developer India

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