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Network on the flight

a startup idea shared by Shahab Bolandparvaz on 11/22/2012

When Ever I board the plane, I feel like Im wasting my time. Wether its an hour flight or 10 hour flight. Why not be able to use that time to network? Be able to know who is boarding the same plane as you are and be able to connect with them. I have a solution on the making please join to BETA test. Im very open to suggestions and questions. the website is called You can learn more about the product on the site.



match maker



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Max Layton Online Marketing, social networker Minnesota, U.S.A
Carlos Ferry Sauterel Web Development Lexington, KY
Abdulsalam funding Nigeria
Oliver Wolf Online Marketing & Social Media Berlin
Ranim Bouraoui Developer (Apple Product Professional) Tunisia
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Mary Sedgwick Business Development UK
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Gevorg Sargsyan local launcher, networking Singapore
iyke kama funding lagos nigeria
Sindoori Ravindran add ideas Bangalore
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Antonio Micali android developer Silicon Valley
Adam Kinsley Abernethy Network Planner Designer Toronto, Canada
Shivanand Amalyal Server Side Develper Dubai
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