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Nanotechnology Type Welding Helmet

a startup idea shared by Shane on 07/07/2016

Compared to the older Welding Helmets and the more modern types.This one is specifically interesting as it would just be a normal type of mask that repels heat.The mask would be made of a made of a material that can withstand extreme high temperatures. I want you to picture this mask as the type you see the burglars use when they break into someones home. Your whole face front and back is covered but only the eyes are showing. The properties that this material should have are flexibility: You should be able put it on your face and remove it like a normal mask. It shouldn't feel like a struggle. Resistance to extreme heat temperatures since you would be using it as a Welding application. It should be able to reflect or absorb any harmful chemicals or radiation release from the Welding. It must be a breathable material as your mouth nor nose will be exposed. It should also act as a filter buy the mouth section. The filter does not need to be as flexible as the mask itself. It should be able to be removed easily from the mask when need replacing. It should also repel extreme heat temperatures. The eyes will be protected buy a dark flexible lense either shade 10;11;12 or 13.

Dark flexible lense.

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