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Sankar Yg is watching this 6 years ago
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Music of your own attached to a gift!

a startup idea shared by Misaki Kaiden on 11/05/2016

Every one of us likes music of one kind or another. Isn’t it great if you could add music of your creation to the gift for your loved one? The idea is to connect gift senders with music composers. The gift sender gives a key melody that will be a theme of the entire piece of music, together with the image they have in mind, such as what the occasion is, who the receiver is, what instrument they want their music to be composed on, and so on (the more in detail, the better for the composer to make music). Then registered members of composers give a sample piece on the theme to the gift sender, and s/he picks up one. Since the music is only an extra to the main gift, it shouldn’t be long. If successful, it is ideal if this app can be tied up with shopping sites so that customers can choose the option of “music” just like adding wrapping service to their shopping cart. Well, this is my idea of new app that plays its role in conveying your feeling of love, fun, or even anger (!?) with the actual gift! Thank you for sparing your time for reading this. I hope someone out there will work with me and realize this idea!





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