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Multi-purpose credit card

a startup idea shared by Andrew Marsh on 06/12/2013

Receiving gift cards is great, but if you get a lot of them they really clutter your wallet and before you know it you have way too many cards that really just get in the way. There are already apps which sort out which cards you have and the balances on each one. However, I was thinking of an actual card that you could use. This would be different from loading money on a card; if you received a gift card for $50 to a clothing store and a $15 gift card to you could transfer the credit from both cards onto your multi-purpose card. When you check out, you could swipe your card and money wouldn't be taken out of your pocket, but rather out of the credit you loaded. A website and (hopefully a smartphone app in the future) would be needed in order to keep track of the different lines of credit. I"m envisioning something like this: you create an account, then use the website any time you want to load credit from a given store (you would need to include the PIN number for the card as well as the name of the store). The website could send e-mail alerts whenever your credit is getting low. Looking for programmers who could help me with a website; happy to give more details.





multipurpose card

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