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Mobile App that grades businesses by ethics

a startup idea shared by Dan Hoff on 12/18/2012

This App will integrate with Google Goggles to scan product UPC barcodes at Point-of-Purchase. Companies and their products will receive a 1-5 star rating, based on user reviews of their: ethics, transparency, environmental impact, product quality, how they treat their employees and if they are charitable (i.e. partnering/supporting a Non-Profit cause). The App will function much like Yelp, but with a focus on positive reinforcement instead of negative criticism. Partner businesses (those who have a high rating and opt for a free partnership) will be allowed to display the App's logo on their website and be listed in the App's Merchant Directory. The App will be 100% free, however, users and merchants will be awarded "supporter" status if they make a donation to the App. User/merchant participation, charity, interaction and other actions will be rewarded as well. When a consumer/user scans a UPC, the App will show not only that product's/company's rating/reviews, but it will suggest products/companies with higher ratings/reviews in the same category/industry.

google goggles

Mobile Apps

upc barcodes

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