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Mobile app for catching bus

a startup idea shared by Maga on 12/18/2010

I hate that moment when you see your bus leaving right in front of you and then have to wait for 15 minutes in the cold. I would like to have a mobile app that would tell you every 30 s or 1 minute: "Your bus is leaving in 4 minutes, next one goes after another 15", so I can decide whether it makes sense to run now or wait for the next one

app, bus, city, late, mobile ideas, phone, public transportation, time, transportation, traveling

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tvtap app
awesome app
9 months ago
by Anonymous
Mobdro App for Mobiles
Using Mobdro App you are able to stream live programs when you are travelling on Bus
21 months ago
by Anonymous
Moovit 24 months ago
by Anonymous
29 months ago
by Anonymous
It has been long time already
36 months ago
by Anonymous
For getting around use Bus and Metro Rail in the Washington DC Area
45 months ago
by Anonymous
Moet ik rennen
do i have to run? as in to catch the next bus/train/tram. Works in The Netherlands
50 months ago
by Anonymous
Bus Checker
City of Chicago - CTA(Chicago Transit Authority) has an app like that already up and running
51 months ago
by Anonymous
DoubleMap 52 months ago
by Anonymous
Bus checker
this app is already done in the uk
57 months ago
by Anonymous
Transit App
Love this app living in North America. It has live updates where available.
63 months ago
by Anonymous
One Bus Away 68 months ago
by Ty Finnan

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