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Mirror with a built-in camera

a startup idea shared by Martin Jahn on 10/10/2013

Hi, I have an idea with mirror which have everyone in your bathroom. You certainly know lot of people who is photographing themself in front of mirror with his phone, or camera. Can you imagine the mirror which have include the camera into? People woldn't need the phone or camera and the mirror would photograph them such as people see themselves. That inteligent mirror will have a touch screen where u can set some things like the self-timer and some effects which u can find in your phone or camera which can change colour of photo etc. This photos which u made, you can quickly share on your social network or just save to the disk which mirror will include. I really dont know how to create that, but i think its a good idea for many people and it can be a future for photografic themselves. Sorry for my bad english and I hope there will be some solution do realise that.

future of mirror


mirror with camera


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