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Micro-Escrow for the Service industry

a startup idea shared by Bryan Orr on 03/05/2012

The Need - Small businesses need to make sure they are going to get paid once they ... Fix a car, paint a house, rewire a business so and so on. The way is is done now - either they ask for a deposit and look like a con artist or they do the work and hope the customer can pay. The Fix - Create a system where the small service business sends an escrow invoice to the customer with terms and the time / date that funds with be auto released. The customer funds escrow and when the work is done the customer is sent an email or Twilio text / email to confirm work is completed in a satisfactory manner - then the business is paid. If if the customer does nothing the business is paid at the time discussed. If the customer is NOT happy then they deny funds (this is the only stinker of the system) this should be rare but there would need to be some legal terms / arbitration that deals with this and in most cases it would end up that the customer gets refunded and the business would need to go after them for the funds. However, this system is still loads better than the "hope for the best" system we have now.

B2C, online ideas, service ideas, SMB, web startup

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