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Message in a Bottle

a startup idea shared by Gordon James Campbell on 06/13/2013

How romantic is the concept of a &quot;Message in a Bottle?&quot;<br><br>How about if there was some kind of digital service like this.<br>People can put their Messages (text, photos, videos) in a &quot;bottle&quot; and send it out to the world. On the other side, people receive the messages and can decide to either (A) keep the message or (B) throw it back. If a message gets discarded more than x times it would be transferred into a &quot;unwanted&quot; messages area.<br><br>Once you decide to keep that message, it&apos;s yours, nobody else can receive/see it. You can find out more about the person who sent out the &quot;bottle&quot; and decide if you want to send back a message (or not).<br><br>Probably have to get more into detail.<br><br>Im thinking Snapchat meets ThumbsUp meets Chatroulette... ish.


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Gordon James Campbell Founder Worldwide
Vinod Maurya Architecture Design, Development, Deployment New Delhi, India
Sufi Sheikhey Product Ideas Man Dubai, UAE.
Andres Toledo Programmer: PC and mobile development New York, USA
Dejan Prole Web developer Belgrade, Serbia
Gaurav web developer latur , India
Mateo Acosta UX designer Colombia
Travis Ian Jacobs Marketing, funding, product development Sacramento,CA
Priya Reddy developer bangalore
Tresford Himanansa II Software, Web and Mobile Developer Zambia
Ani Popova Front-end developer Canada
Atul Sharma Marketing, product perfectionist, technologist Chandigarh, india
Mitali Bhasin Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Strategy Officer Lucknow, India
Abhishek Kollipara Android Developer Bangalore
Andrew Levine Media coverage(in my country). Idea contribution. Singapore.
Shadid Hawk Back-end Developer Toronto, Canada
Cường Phan Research & Development Vietnam
Intajur Rahman developer guwahati
Magical web developer europa

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