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Mentorship program for recent college graduates

a startup idea shared by Shannon Washington on 08/11/2012

My idea is to create a mentorship program for unemployed or underemployed recent college graduates. This opportunity would provide companies with verifiable, competent, and driven employees.

Recent graduates would have access to lead people from reputable companies from and array of industries. This mentorship program would encourage the continuous circulation of fresh and innovative ideas within companies.

Mentors would select mentees based on unique portfolios that showcase how their skills and education would enhance the company’s objectives.

Each mentee would present an innovative idea that would enhance the companies: economic, social or technological growth. Mentees will be given the opportunity to integrate their ideas with the mentor’s consent and guidance.

Mentors will create living wage internships for mentee. Mentees will agree to work with the mentor’s company for 9 months or other agreed upon time frame and in-turn will train their successor.

At the duration of the mentorship program mentees will be given the opportunity to obtain employment or assistantship within the company.

career, college, employment, graduate, job, mentor, service ideas, social business ideas

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Designer Mentoring & Incubator
under beta testing.
61 months ago
by Anonymous
Online Mentoring
This can be a platform that can be useful but targets more than just graduates
61 months ago
by Kishore Chavali

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