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May I...Honey App

a startup idea shared by Alex Dang on 01/24/2014

This app connects you with your significant other only (though fb). It has a template of common requests in between a couple (and you can configure your custom one too). Like "May I hang out with the bar with my buddy tonight?" "May I buy this clothing causing $$$"? The requester will select one request (or create your own) and send to the other. The other has options to "Granted" or "Denied" upon notification. It will also show a stat in terms of how many times you have granted/rejected this same request in the past (as well as national stat collected from this app), so that you can see how well you are doing as a lover (and comparing to national average) with monthly stat. It's a fun playing in between couple. And you can use the "granted" answer as an evidence of permission if the other forget/regrets the decision later on and nag on you about it.






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