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a startup idea shared by caucapion4u on 04/30/2012

Companies, especially in manufacturing, are always underutilizing their people to do archaic and absolutely wasteful processes. Half of the labor force in most are from the Baby Boomer generation. In other words about a third are making "the real decisions" on a golf course while 2/3's are trying figure out how to gain access to data and resources on their own. Unfortunately, what the 1/3 was not paying attention to was the the fact that now their multi-million dollar deal that was taken care of during one round of golf has just turned into a multi-billion dollar opportunity that can begin providing action within minutes if not seconds. Business leaders are picking up quickly though. They're wondering why employees like me are looking into this tool called crowdsourcing. Well, its probably because like most other employees my age, we're tired of not having the basic tools we need to do our jobs as quickly as we know it can be imagine all manufacturing type businesses being majorly impacted by this same issue. Are we truly in need of a 3rd industrial revolution? They once were the bloodstream of this country...maybe its time crowdsourcing became its heartbeat.

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