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a startup idea shared by Craig Lappin-Smith on 01/31/2013

A website where people upload a piece of work then specify what subject it is and what level (e.g. A level, university, post-grad, IB, AP etc.) they also choose several tags or write tags of their own relating to the piece. The system then matches this work submission with the most similar one uploaded by someone else in the database - based on the tags, subject and level. The owners of both pieces of work receive the newly matched piece of work which was uploaded by the other person. They cannot download the file or copy and paste text from it but they can make annotations and at the end are asked to write comments, suggestions and give it a rating. Once both people have completed this they submit their feedback and the work is once again exchanged so the original uploader of each document gets their own, newly annotated work back. They can then use this to improve their work, as well as perhaps combining that with ideas from the work they just read and gave feedback on.


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