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Managed Wordpress Hosting

a startup idea shared by Matt Norad on 10/06/2012

The idea is Basically get all self-hosted Wordpress advantage but still user don't have to mess with server or hosting configuration. Target market is Wordpress first time and beginner user(think of this as user choose us instead of shared hosting to use self-hosted Wordpress).

Existing service is WPEngine, Zippykid and but then again they focus on mature user and starting price is steep. We can offer $10/month and give user better than shared hosting experience by optimizing our server to use Wordpress.

Revenue :
$Monthly subscription
$Custom domain setup fee

There approximately 2 millions of new Wordpress user each year and this really is huge market currently monopolized by shared hosting company and reseller.

I need cofounder to market this who is also experienced as Wordpress webmaster, and angel investor to kickstart this idea.

, Hosting, wordpress

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