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List of most popular problems to get a biz idea

a startup idea shared by Vladi Trop on 03/17/2016

A common entrepreneurs mistakes is that they have an idea which not based on a pain. In other words, not solving a problem. How about a website where entrepreneurs can see the most popular problems users have. Users would submit problems that they would like to have a solution for. WHY users would submit their problems: 1. Some users really want to complain about a pain they have. 2. Social aspect - other users could upvote, comment and etc. 3. There's hope that some entrepreneur will build a solution for them or someone would point them to an existing solution. 4. To earn some money. Read about this point in the biz model part. When submitting a problem users would be asked for tags and would they pay for the solution for it. WHY entrepreneurs would use it: They can easily see the list of most painful problems categorized (by tags). BIZ MODEL: Perhaps entrepreneurs would be able to contact the users who upvoted a problem through the site and interview them. People pay a lot for market research and since users have voted that they have this problem means its the right target audience. The website would charge a fee for every successful contact.




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