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Linkedin for Real Estate

a startup idea shared by Asheesh Sinha on 10/14/2015

A platform that brings all stakeholders in the real estate market on a common platform. I find there can be so much analogy between LinkedIn stakeholders and Real Estate stakeholders. just got this thought, it is yet to be structured or validated. need your opinion. Company - Apartment Employee - Tenant Boss - Landlord Peers - Neighbors Groups - Apartment Community Recruitment Consultants - Real Estate Agents Job History - Rental History Recommendation by colleagues, boss - Reco/Review/Rating by neighbors, landlord Benefit to: 1. Tenant - review the apartment, landlord before renting. Connect quickly with neighbors after renting. Search houses for sale or rent quickly. 2. Landlord - check the online rental history and reviews of tenants. Post if your flat is available for sale or rent. Search tenants quickly. 3. Brokers - Get access to huge database of tenants and owners all of whom are genuine. 4. Everyone - Build your network. Things in your network can be accessed for free. In 2nd degree connection can be accessed for a price.


real estate



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