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Let typing be a game!

a startup idea shared by Vin18 on 04/22/2018

We all know how frustrating it can be to type on the small keyboard that appears at the bottom of a touch-screen. Typing seems to be the only good way of input, with speech recognition technology and such others still not up to the mark. Most of the time on our smartphones is spent on typing (chat, email, sms etc.). So why not make the experience of typing more game-like and exciting?! That could keep the smartphone users engaged and entertained.

I have a few ideas. I am not well-versed with android game development. Hence I don’t know how feasible these ideas are :
1. Weapons/War keyboard : A fancy designed keyboard points a small gun at the cursor and shoots letters in place as we press the corresponding keys. A flame-thrower erases unwanted letters when we hit back space. We could also modify the cursor to look like an enemy tank/fighter jet...
2. Rain keyboard : A small cloud hovers at the top of the screen and drops letters like rain-drops. Perhaps, we could use lightning to erase letters..

To make it more fun, we can set missions and status rewards for the user (for example, typing speed, combo/streak, no. of letters typed per day, etc.). Let me know ur thoughts n ideas!

entertainment, gaming, typing

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