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Learning from your peers

a startup idea shared by Mohammad Sheikh on 07/01/2012

A friend and I came up with this idea yesterday. Basically, everyone has a special skill, hobby, or passion that excites them, right? Why not provide a way for people to share their knowledge in the form of teaching classes. People would be able to create and organize classes based on their expertise and charge a small fee for entry. Classes could be held anywhere locally (coffee shop, etc) or even online in a group video chat type of format. This would be a pretty cool way to explore new interests, learn new skills, meet people with similar hobbies/skills, and earn a few extra bucks on the side from sharing things you already enjoy!

If anyone is interested in partnering up on this idea I'd be really interested to hear from you!

hobbies, interests, learning, networking, teaching

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Get MBA Notes, Projects, Guidance, and Career Guidance
42 months ago
by Anonymous
Piano Lessons for Beginners
Online learning tools to help beginners acquire skills quickly.
52 months ago
by Anonymous
operating in czech republic
57 months ago
by Anonymous
buy tumblr followers 61 months ago
by Anonymous
Sordu (Was asked)
That was not efficient and could not succeed.
82 months ago
by Ser Can
Yeni Yeti
From Turkey Udemy's company
82 months ago
by Ser Can

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