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Kooleqt - innovative social/e-commerce marketplace

a startup idea shared by Kevin Brouillaud on 11/25/2013

We imagine the future of Internet as the Internet and the real world are one in everything. Our world is getting more and more connected and today, people mainly use Internet for information seeking, shopping or go to social networks. Kooleqt is a new concept mixing social networking, a collaborative platform and a huge e-commerce website. It allows users to create, translate, share and interact with Pages. Even more, you can tell the link/relationship you have with a Page (eg: favourite movie, want to go in vacation here, do want this product, ...). Pages can be about a brand, a product/service, a celebrity, a location or an event from the whole world. Users put Pages they like into themed lists they have created and can share these Pages with their friends. For instance, we can have fun by collecting our entire music library, our dressing room, what we like to or not, monuments we visited or places we would like to go... Opportunities are endless. An other parculiarity is that each product/service Page that we can find on the Kooleqt website can be sold by anyone, individuals or professionals from anywhere; the platform can be seen as a huge supermarket.

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