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Knowledge base for life

a startup idea shared by DRAZOR on 11/29/2017

There is lots of information in the world which is difficult to attain; how do I apply for X (social insurance, driving license, health insurance) - how do I do X myself (build a table, wardrobe, fix a tap, program X). Most of these questions are answered by many hours of googling for the right answer. My proposal is to create one app to answer all of those questions. To document how things are done differently in different countries by different people. Users could submit their own knowledge, Ratings and comments could be applied for credibility and to define the best method. This would be worldwide, with information on multiple life questions which are asked every day, in different countries and languages. Information could be collected using various Google searches and personal questions to people who have experienced the subject but would be locked to the simple format of the app. Data could be stored in the cloud or downloaded for offline use.





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