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Chelsey Krol shared this idea 1 year ago

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Interest for Life

a startup idea shared by Chelsey Krol on 07/28/2019

The model of this charity is to have a 'base account' and any donations to Interest for Love would contribute to this base account. Any interest earned off of this base account would then go towards the project. Money would not be earned on interest only from donnors since all interest will be going into funding the projects which 'interest for love' would support financially. Inner workings of interest for love would operate very much like a money managing company in that they would be investing to create the most interest off of the base, which would grow every year through donations. The idea started in my head when I was thinking about how to fix the US health care system and if I were to win the lottery I would set up a base account and any interest earned from the base account would then go towards supporting free mental health care for veterans. As interest on the base grows this would eventually cover all health care costs and include other people such as those who served in the peace core, and those peoples children. I would love to donate to a charity that is structured this way since it is sustainable and smart.





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