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Timur Kuritskii shared this idea 3 years ago

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Innovative vessel for food and drinks

a startup idea shared by Timur Kuritskii on 05/09/2018

vessel neck. Vessels made from safe, lawful food plastic (PET,PETG,HDPE,PP, etc.). The problem of containers for food and drinks marketplace is that it doesn't have much too much differents between product types. But the main problem is that not only containers marketplace, but also a food industry doesn't have very much products concretely for group of people. Yes, you can buy drinks, healthy products and fast foods in two ordinary vessels, but it doesn't even implies an idea that this product is destined for you and your companion. So, the product itself will become an ideal addition in the food industry. It will not only bring in originality and versatility, but also easement, safety and even romanticism, because it was created for the group of people from 2 and more humans: married couples, young couples, friends, brothers, sisters. With this device, you could replace pasteboard, glassy and other wrapping for salads, fast - foods, flakes, candies, ice - cream and all drinks, including alcohol.




fast food


food industry

for group

healthy food



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