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Sean Siew Kf added similar project 48 months ago
Sean Siew Kf added similar project 48 months ago
Sean Siew Kf added similar project 48 months ago
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a startup idea shared by Sean Siew Kf on 10/18/2015 enhancement.

As a general rule, don’t be afraid to share your ideas. Ideas are cheap, and not everyone has the ability to execute on them. Furthermore, even if you do manage to keep your idea a secret until launch, word will eventually get out and competition will come up anyway. It’s better to bounce your ideas off of other people to solidify your plan.
Great ideas are abundant, but it's what you decide to do with them that counts.

We focus on one thing only, you post your idea, let the crowd be the judge. This way, you will see your idea from all sort of view instead of just by you.

Offer bullet system, reward system. More detail will be posted on the comment section (if approved).

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Bullet Force 13 months ago
by Anonymous
Very similar to ideaswatch. With better Web Design, but it has been inactive for a long time.
48 months ago
by Sean Siew Kf
Hacker News
Hacker News allow user to post latest startup news in Silicon Valley.
48 months ago
by Sean Siew Kf
stackexchange Startups Area 51
Area 51 is a platform to discuss about startup questions, can be idea, help and questions.
48 months ago
by Sean Siew Kf
ProductHunt (PH)
PH focus has most of the features provided by, but PH focus is on prototype.
48 months ago
by Sean Siew Kf

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