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Hookup App

a startup idea shared by S B on 12/09/2018

An app that is more superficial than Tinder. You can pick the physical attributes you are craving at that exact moment,and find matches nearby. No bio,nothing. Just simplicity. Already have the idea sketched out in fluid ui,and even tested it among my university classmates--it was very popular. I just need a technical cofounder. Please contact me at or reply to this if interested in contributing. Thanks.




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Chandanaraj P Android developer chennai, india
Abdus Samad fullstack developer India
Amit Kumar Dubey Fullstack developer India
David Razak Senior Software Engineer Ghana
Kehinde Akinsanya Mobile Design United States
Abhilash Gupta Android Developer India
Syed Zakriya Android App developer Bengaluru, India
Albeiro Espitia Sierra Front end Developer, Android app developer Colombia
Bin Ismail Native App Developer, Web Developer Nigeria
Amol Bhave android dev , full stack web dev india

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