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Brainy Swaibu shared this idea 1 year ago

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Holistic Education for at risk refugee youth.

a startup idea shared by Brainy Swaibu on 06/14/2019

Our youth of today look at the educational system and ask, "Why?" They look at the values of their parents and say, "That's not for me!" They laugh at the political machinery, see how environmental and social concerns are few, and say, "Nothing is working." They live with hopelessness in a love-starved world and feel, "What's the use?" So begins the life of abuse in all its ugly forms. Experience and research has shown that three critical components: a secondary school, residential treatment center, and community technology center can indeed work as one, which can profoundly affect youth in positive directions. The inclusion of a data center for e-curriculum storage, subscription, and web hosting services creates an additional revenue stream while providing computer training opportunities for the students and community. The students can develop web-businesses as well.

refugee education

Starting NGOs in Africa

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