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High Tech Jewelers

a startup idea shared by Jitesh Prajapati on 12/09/2016

There are many big jewelry show rooms, where people are waiting for sales team to entertain to them.. during rush. Such as a Dubai city this issue is happening.. Some time People tiered they just left from that store.. Now we can provide them one local WAN based solution that they will connect Store's open WIFI and whatever they try to open site, only our local portal will get open. From our portal it will ask few question same as salesman asking.. e.g. what you want? For what Occasion ? Which Metal ? Price range ? by responding to all these question they can explorer all the jewelry stock what merchant has uploaded.. and select jewelry. Here once they have done with selection of some designs, they will need to fillup their phone number, our system will give them some small Token Number which they can ask to sales man to show once they get their number in queue.. By using that token number salesman can get all list what they have selected. In this way it will save time from both side.. Salesman directly show only those items what customer has selected.. For this I am looking for 1. Marketing Expert 2. Financier also need some expert's advice on same concept.

High-tech Jewelry Store

jewelers 2017

jewelry store technology

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