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a startup idea shared by Aniketh Ramesh on 10/29/2014

Lets take an example. We have a TV at home. Suddenly something happens to it and it doesn&apos;t work anymore. Or your favourite chair broke down and needs urgent carpentry. Or somethings wrong with your computer. Now there are three things you can do. First, is Google how to fix it. Second is to look for a repair guy on the net and let him do his work which takes its own jolly time. Or, you can use this app.<br>HelpYou is bringing help at door delivery. Every time you need a guy to fix something, you put it up on the app according to the domain of help needed. The people skilled enough and registered on the app for that domain are instantly pinged. The first person who gets back to you gets the job. He shows up at your door, finishes your work and that&apos;s it. We can get help with anything at our doorstep with HelpYou


Door delivery



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