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a startup idea shared by Joel Svensson on 06/13/2014

Let&apos;s say you are 40 years old and don&apos;t really have that much of clues how (for exampel) to use a microwave works (bad suggestion, but it can simply be anything that they need help with). What you then do is that you download the ***** (Haven&apos;t really figured out a smart name for the app yet). What the app does is really simple. <br>When you start it, you can first choose with 2 buttons (Help / Get Help). If you press &quot;Get Help&quot; it opens up a window were you can type in what you need help with (first more &quot;big perspective&quot;) then later on you can go more into details. <br>Then after you have pressed &quot;Continue&quot; that &quot;Problem&quot; will pop up on a list for everyone that are on the app to help.<br>So let&apos;s say that you open the app and go into &quot;Help&quot;, you will get a list problems that needs help with right now. What you then can do is pick one (that you know that you are good at, or think that you can help with, or that you have great experience in) then you will get &quot;connected&quot; with the person that has sent that &quot;problem&quot;, then you can type with eachother. Then if we say the problem got solved, then the person that made the &quot;problem&quot; can click on a button &quot;Resolved&quot;. Got more info aswell<br><br>






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