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Gym Equipment Available

a startup idea shared by Elroy Wheeler on 09/05/2017

As you are busy training at the gym, you usually have a set routine. Example 30 min bicycle, 20 min treadmill, 10 min elliptical followed by some weights. Followed by some weight training, but there are normally a couple of people also busy, so while you are busy with your routine you need to move to the next equipment but don't know if it is available. Why not install those red and green lights similar to what they use at parking lots.. better yet how about connect those sensors to a fitness log / database and record your routine and times with a nfc bracelet. ... better yet link it to Samsung mobile fitness to auto update. The app can also guide you if your equipment is not available to suggest another focus muscle group for your overall performance gain.

fitness log

fitness sensor

gym app

gym concierge

Gym equipment

gym routine

nfc bracelet

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