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Grocery Network

a startup idea shared by Aswin Sasmita on 11/23/2015

PROBLEM: Many Grocery Online now dominated by Multinational Corporation alone, in addition they also make their own applications. So to compare the prices you have to install multiple apps. I often forgot to buy certain ingredients because of forgetting to include it in the shopping list. SOLUTION: Create a system Web & Apps Grocery Network which can connect all your nearest grocery store. If we can connect all the grocery store in the future so we also could coordinate the delivery orders from multiple stores at once. In addition we can also add features recipes for every user account, which can be exchanged, trade or share recipes with other users. So if the user plan to make a dish from a recipe, then the system will automatically insert any ingredients required in accordance with the composition of the recipe on the shopping cart. This system will prevent the user forgot to buy certain ingredients of the dishes that he plan to make. Contact me if you are interested, many of the concepts and additional features that I can not explain here.

Grocery recipe network delivery multiple store

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