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Grocery Delivery

a startup idea shared by steve ray on 05/29/2014

I'd like to make an app/website that is similar to Uber/Lyft, but with groceries. There are a lot of times where I need something from the grocery store, but have worked all day and don't feel like getting out and buying a few groceries. How convenient would it be to log into the app, select the nearest delivery agent and submit your grocery list?

Users would browse items from the app and add them to their grocery list (with pictures to limit confusion).

The agent would then receive a notification on his/her phone, choose whether or not to accept the job, then pick up the groceries on the list and make the delivery.

app, delivery, social, website

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Kroger Receipt Survey Invitation
Take Kroger Grocery store Customer Satisfaction Survey with Receipt Code to win $5k,50 fuel points.
21 days ago
by Anonymous
Grocery APP
Best Grocery APP
4 months ago
by Anonymous
So Many Errands
You can hire someone to do groceries and other kinds of errands on
18 months ago
by Anonymous
Chandigarh daily updates online 33 months ago
by Anonymous
Chandigarh Daily Updates 34 months ago
by Anonymous
Urbery - Grocery Delivery in Downtown Toronto
Web interface is available. App coming soon.
47 months ago
by Anonymous
They have this already 58 months ago
by Anonymous
Amazon Fresh
They have a dedicated mobile app for Amazon Fresh with will deliver grocerys same day.
59 months ago
by Anonymous
Amazon Prime Pantry (with/ Amazon Dash)
Already offered by Amazon in the US. They also have another service just for fresh grocery's.
59 months ago
by Anonymous

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