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Golf Cart "Taxi" Service on College Campus

a startup idea shared by Brandon Wiggins on 09/21/2015

College campuses are getting larger and larger. Students are often walking through adverse weather for any given period of time when they don't have to! For a small fee (not decided, but an estimate of a penny a second), we would use golf carts to transport students to different areas of campus, directly to the building! Utah State University already believe the project feasible, and would allow these carts on their campus for the students to use at their discretion. On any given cart, up to four students could fit. The more carts you have, the more places you can go and the more students you can transport. AS for the drivers, I believe a 40-50% commission would suffice since the time for switching between classes only occurs 2-3 times per hour, and an hourly wage wouldn't make sense. This business could also offer marketing/advertising for local businesses, and be able to charge a decent amount. It would be seen by hundreds of students a day, and could be a great moneymaker for the company as well. Optional items for students could include blankets, music, etc. Let me know what you think, and any revisions/thoughts you have, please!







golf cart






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Ryan Shaughnessy Manager in Region State College, PA (Penn State)

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