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Global shopping

a startup idea shared by Rizal Ismail on 12/08/2017

I have realized that although there are many platforms that facilitates global shopping and the rise in popularity of dropshipping, price differences between countries and cost to ship products are still very expensive and not very efficient due to the many layers of service needed to purchase and ship items.
I have created an app that will redefine global shopping, connect countries, disrupt a portion of conventional shipping and allow users to take on several roles to earn money on the sides. My solution will allow products to be bought overseas at almost the same price sold in country of origin with a minimal service fee, very efficient shipping of items and a platform for anyone overseas to employ this platform to start their business.
I am currently based in Singapore and looking for partners overseas who are interested and motivated to know more about the idea so that we can work together to form a global network of shoppers.

cheap, ecommerce, Efficient, global, requests, Service, shopping

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