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Global Cooperative Forum (GCF)

a startup idea shared by Rob Kara on 06/01/2015

Unlike traditional search engines that present you with a list of links that delegate you to another website or service to manage your request. GCF does the opposite and brings the website or service to you to be managed inside of virtual containers or forums.

Now using basic messaging tools we can communicate with one or more services simultaneously as if we are all in the same room together, all in the same forum or conversation.

Watch in the below video how easy it is to find help for a Diabetes and Eczema sufferer. Once a service has been discovered a request is created inviting that service to participate in a forum. By understanding and utilizing the world in this way people can self-organize and serve one another at an unlimited scale or resolution.

1) People, businesses and services can now serve one another at an unlimited scale or resolution. I.e. both vertically (all services) and horizontally (all requests).

2) Problems or requests that could not scale prior to GCF such as deadly diseases, war, poverty and crime, can now scale to include the entire human community or all services and requests in the system simultaneously.

Global Cooperative Forum, Prior Unity, Self-Organization

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